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13 Days of Christmas (Day 1) - SS Tree Snake: Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
SS Tree Snake: Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson

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13 Days of Christmas (Day 1) [Dec. 13th, 2015|05:27 pm]
SS Tree Snake: Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson


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Title: 13 Days of Christmas (Day 1)
Character Pairing: Neville/Pansy
Prompt: Invisible Line
Rating: G
Word Count: 342
Summary: There is a Christmas Gift Exchange at Hogwarts, Neville knows who he wishes to be paired with if only he were the rule breaking type.
Author's Notes: I started this last year and am hoping to finish it this year.
Link to Prompt Table: Here

Just like with the Tri-Wizard Cup, the Gift-Exchange Goblet was surrounded by an invisible line to prevent tampering. Neville couldn't think of any reason for it: in what way could anyone tamper with simple pieces of parchment? There was no age restriction and participation was opened to all students. The teachers had their own gift exchange, thank Merlin, if they were pooled together Neville would probably have the luck of drawing a teacher. Or having a teacher drawn for him rather. The cup matched everyone up.

Yet, still—some students were kicked away from the cup with their parchments spit back out at them.

Ginny noticed his confused expression and said, ‘They probably charmed their parchments to match with someone specific.’

Neville wasn’t creative enough to think of such a thing and certainly wasn’t talented enough to even attempt to pull it off. He had never had much desire to break the rules; he only had during the war because it was necessary, but suddenly ignoring the rules, being a little selfish, and trying to get around them appealed to him.

‘Are you participating?’ he asked Ginny.

‘I haven’t decided. You?’

Neville shrugged. ‘I haven’t entered my name yet.’

‘So, that’s a yes.’ Rolling her eyes, she added, ‘It’s not as romantic as you are probably imagining it to be. You’ll probably get a First Year.’

‘Yeah . . . who would you choose? I mean, if you could?’

She gave him a contemplative look. ‘I don’t know. Last year—well, I know who I would have wanted, but now . . . I’m not so sure.’ She didn’t ask him who he’d pick, but she watched him closely before she continued with accusation in her voice, ‘You want to try it?’


‘You want to try and get passed the charm, so you can pick—’

‘No,’ he said as quickly as possible, glancing at Pansy then back down to his book and hoping Ginny didn’t see his slip.

Ginny still didn’t ask him who but was already plotting a way to help him.